Intro to Powder

An Introduction to Powder Processing

A first powder technology workshop introducing participants to the unique attributes of powders, contrasted to more well understood liquids, and the impact of these complexities on solids processing.

Topics include powder characterization (particle size, moisture sorption, surface area, surface chemistry, hardness, density); segregation & powder sampling; and an overview of key unit operations of mixing, grinding, agglomeration, classification, fluidization, and drying, as well as solids transport between unit operations.

It is valuable to anyone new to powder processing or current practitioners who have not had the opportunity to learn underlying principles of handling and characterizing powders.

This course introduces the workshop participant to powder processing, and provides a practical overview of key material transformations in powder technology. It is an excellent course for anyone in the field who needs to expand their knowledge of powder systems in general. It also would serve new practitioners in powder technology giving them a major head start in the field.
Practical, hands-on examples and demonstrations enhance the theory. Practical tips for system improvements in plants will also be discussed, so key plant maintenance personnel may also find the course valuable. Course topics will cover powder mixing, segregation, grinding, classification, pneumatic conveying, basics of powder flow, particle characterization, particle size distributions, and moisture effects on powders.


Course Material:

  • Particle Characterization – Aspects of particle size distributions, methods of measuring particle size, variations of density, and tools to measure key particle characteristics

  • Moisture Sorption – ERH and its relation to moisture content, types of isotherms, and how to use isotherm data

  • Powder Handling – Introduction to solids handling, including bin design, causes of flooding & segregation, feeder basics, and pneumatic conveying

  • Powder Mixing – Sampling techniques, texture vs. mobility, mixer types & selection, statistics of mixing, scale-up principles

  • Agglomeration – Overview of wet granulation vs dry compaction processes

  • Grinding and Classification – Basic grinding theory and principles, types of grinders, mechanical separation, air classification

  • Fluidization – Key principles of fluidization and fluid-bed drying

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