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Powder characterization techniques include bulk flow testing and compressibility by rotary shear cell, as well as Flodex, permeability and segregation testing; surface/interfacial chemistry by inverse gas chromatography, dynamic contact angle, and Washburn analysis; mechanical properties (hardness and modulus) of particles, tablets, and granulation formulations by uniaxial compaction, nanoindentation, and three-point bend testing; caking propensity by dilatometry and shear cell testing; granulation rheology by torque rheometry with associated power measurements; and tabletting characterization of stress transmission and ejection forces by instrumented die force characterization.  Traditional testing also includes size analysis, including on-line analysis, by laser light scattering, imaging and ultrasonics; scanning electron microscopy and environmental SEM-EDS; electrokinetic & dry electrostatic charge distribution analysis; adsorption isotherms by electrobalance; BET surface area; mercury porosimetry; spectroscopic characterization including photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR, and high resolution NIR imaging; electrical resistivity; photoconductivity, and thermal techniques (DSC/TGA, heat capacity & conductivity, thermal expansion, thermal diffusivity).

Engineering support includes full engineering design capabilities ranging from initial design based on powder characterization to final fabrication. A fully automated CNC machine shop for instrument, prototype, and client fabrication needs, and associated design staff and turn-key engineering for manufacturing scale process needs.  Modeling capabilities include discrete particle granular and finite element continuum modeling of powder flow and compaction problems as well as dynamic and steady state simulations of particle unit-operations such as crystallization, granulation, and grinding for design or optimization of processes.

Representative Capabilities

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