Regional contacts:
Please contact regional locations below with initial inquiries.

Main Office: Bryan J. Ennis, Chattanooga, TN
Tel: (423) 713-7489 •

East: Stephen

New England & Canada: John

MidWest: Gregg

West: Donald

Puerto Rico & Latin America: Narciso Rabell

For all training workshop/course information or iPowder Systems service inquiries, please contact main office.
Tel: (615) 591-7510 • Fax: (240) 524-8482 •



Main Office: Dr. Bryan J. Ennis
Dr. Bryan J. Ennis is a founder of E&G Associates, Inc. and iPowder Systems.  He has over two decades of experience in powder process manufacturing, and has consulted for over 100 clients, including all major US pharmaceutical and consumer products companies and the US Food & Drug Administration. He led granulation research, solids handling, & powder characterization programs of DuPont Engineering, and served as an Adjunct Professor of Vanderbilt Univ.  He received his B.S. (Chemical Engineering) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & Ph.D. from The City College of New York.  Dr. Ennis is a founder and previous Technical Vice-Chair of the Particle Technology Forum (PTF) and previous Chair of the Powder Technology Programming Group of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE).   Honors include two national AIChE awards for service to the profession, Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst Award (Germany), Stanley Katz Memorial Award (City College of NY), and a Visiting Research Fellow of Delft Technische Hogeschool (Netherlands).  He is the author of several other invited contributions on particle processing, including presentations to National Science Foundation, and Section Editor of Section 19: Solid-Solids Operations & Equipment (Powder Processing) of the Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook (8th Ed.) and Section 20: Size Enlargement (7th Ed.), and Theory of Granulation: An Engineering Perspective, in Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation, 2nd Ed.

Tel: (615) 591-7510  •  Fax: (240) 524-8482  •




East: Stephen Tzikas
Stephen A. Tzikas is a Chemical Engineering graduate of the University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia (M.App.Sc., 1984), and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY (B.S., 1983).  He was a consultant in the hazardous waste industry for 5 years before heading the US Army’s Environmental Management Office in Japan between 1989-1994.  Upon returning to the United States, Mr. Tzikas has been a senior analyst for the Department of Homeland Security and its legacy components.  He has been with E&G Associates since July 2003 and brings a variety of skills with him including management operations, strategic planning, new business development, and customer liaison.  He serves on the Board of Directors of E&G Associates and iPowder Systems.

East: Washington D.C.  •




New England & Canada: John Ennis, MBA, RRT, CPFT, NPS, CCT
John Ennis has been involved in healthcare management for the past thirty years, acting as Director of Cardiopulmonary and Imaging Services at Gifford Medical Center, Randolph, VT, and previous management positions at hospitals in Illinois, Maryland, Maine, and Vermont.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration and a Masters in Business Administration.  He is a published author in his field and is currently President Elect of the VT/NH Society for Respiratory Care.  He brings to E&G Associates his management experience, and serves as an advisor to iPowder Systems.

New England & Canada: Burlington, VT •




MidWest: Gregg Kugler
Gregg A. Kugler, a recognized visionary in the product and building trades, brings a powerful combination of leadership experience, technological vision and strategy development to E & G Associates.  His background in design and construction compliments his technical abilities in product application.  In short, he loves a problem.  We sometimes call him the “cleaner,” since many of our clients tend to call him when they have made a mess.  Mr. Kugler holds a B.S. (Architecture) from Iowa State University. He also has completed numerous industry education seminars to stay abreast of current teachings. 

MidWest: Kansas City, MO  •




West: Dr. Donald Nason
Dr. Don Nason brings to E&G Associates a broad background in material science and crystallization, with experience in a variety of surface characterization and interfacial methods.  He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Stanford University, and an M.S. (Materials Science) and B.S. (Ceramic Engineering) from the University of California at Berkeley.  Dr. Nason has also held a variety of academic positions at Stanford University, Univ. of Central Queensland (Australia), CSIRO (Australia), Univ. of New Mexico, Victoria University (New Zealand), Univ. of New England (Australia), and NASA (International microgravity space shuttle mission), and has industrial experience with Raytheon, EG&G Energy Measurements, and TN Technologies.

West: Santa Barbara, CA  •




Puerto Rico & Latin America: Narciso Rabell, P.E.
As our contact for the Caribbean and Latin America, Narciso Rabell has considerable experience in facility construction for the pharmaceutical, biochemical, advanced materials and fine chemical industrials.  Mr. Rabell is currently an Operations Manager with Lord Electric, a recognized leader in industrial, electrical, and mechanical contracting for facility construction for the Island of Puerto Rico.  Mr. Rabell holds a B.S. (BioMedical Engineering) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.  He also serves as an advisor to iPowder Systems, and liason with PRIDCO (Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company.)

Puerto Rico & Latin America: San Juan, PR